Civil Suits: Driver Was Negligent in Crash That Killed Man, Injured Trooper

Amherst Co., VA - Two civil suits have been filed against the driver accused of killing a pedestrian on Route 29 and seriously injuring a state trooper.

The suits, filed in Amherst County, seek $5,500,000 in total damages and identify the driver as Matthew Gardner, 22.

Freddie Perutelli's wife is suing for $5,000,000 to cover medical bills, the funeral and mental anguish.

Trooper Dan Wilson is asking for $500,000, claiming he was permanently injured in the wreck.

Both suits allege the driver was negligent when he barreled into the two men back in April as they picked up furniture that had fallen into the roadway.

The commonwealth's attorney hopes to review all of the accident reports and meet with investigators in the next week. Then, she'll meet with the victims' families before deciding on charges.