Civil Suit Dismissed in Speight Killings

Appomattox, VA - A $10 million civil suit filed by the family of one of Christopher Speight's victims has been dismissed.

In the lawsuit, Ronald "Bo" Scruggs' family claimed Speight's sister, Lauralee Sipe, and brother-in-law, Dwayne "Shannon" Sipe, should have known he was stockpiling weapons, was mentally unstable, and capable of murder.

The Sipes and their four year-old son, Joshua, were among the first people killed back in January 2010.

Lawyers for the executor of their will claimed had the Sipes known what Speight was capable of, they wouldn't have put themselves in harms way.

Robert New is "Shannon" Sipe's close friend, the godfather of his living children, and the executor of the Sipes' will. He says having this final piece of litigation over, will close a terrible chapter of their lives.

"It just allows us to put the final piece of this behind our family, and to allow two kids to grow up and maybe have somewhat of a normal life," said New.

Sipe's daughter is a freshman in college, her brother is a senior in high school. Now that this lawsuit is over, Sipe's two living children can receive the remainder of his will.

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