City Recommends New Towing Company

Lynchburg, VA - Tuesday, Lynchburg City Council faces a big decision: what company will do the city's towing?

For four decades, Lynchburg's Glenn Trent Tire and Wrecker has held that contract. But, another tow company is after it: Campbell County's Bee Line Transport. The city looked at three proposals and said Bee Line's is the best.

The stakes are high in this contract. The winner walks away with a five-year contract towing on behalf of the city.

At this moment, Bee Line has the advantage. City staff recommend the city switch from Trent to Bee Line.

Still, Trent isn't going down easily. Co-owner Jane Rigney-Trent says she was surprised the city recommends the switch.

Believe it or not, the city's contract with Trent did not expire last month or even last year; it expired two years ago. During that time, the city's been mainly using Trent but, at times, Bee Line too.

In the last 40 years, the city went with a tower other than Trent just one time, and the relationship eventually failed.

"It was a contract that would last up to three years. And after the first year it was taken away, and transferred to us, so maybe we have to do this every 20 years. I don't know," said Jane Rigney-Trent.

We called Bee Line. They did not want to comment until after council meets Tuesday. That's when council gives the final word.