City Of Danville Revamping Heavily Blighted Neighborhood

Danville, VA - The city of Danville is making moves to transform one of its most run-down neighborhoods.The Monument-Berryman neighborhood was adopted into the Danville blight eradication program in 2011.Now a new study shows just how much potential the area has.The Monument-Berryman neighborhood sits right behind the River District in downtown Danville.It's mostly a residential area, but the city says it has the highest concentration of blight. As part of the blight eradication program, the city has been purchasing as many abandoned properties as it can and boarding them up so they can later be demolished.The city is even giving homeowners assistance to fix up their houses.A new in-depth study shows the best way to redevelop the neighborhood once all the demolitions take place is to attract private investors to the area.The city's community development director says they would like to attract light industrial companies, to mirror the kind of neighborhoods and buildings that are in the River District. "To reduce the amount of blight within the community is important to our future and certainly important to these people who have already made these strategic investments," said Earl Reynolds, City of Danville Community Development Director. The redevelopment of the Monument-Berryman will probably take two to three years. The demolitions will start this fall.