City Council Tours The Lynchburg Airport

Lynchburg, VA - Bold changes are coming to Lynchburg Regional Airport in the future.

City council took a tour to find out what's in the works on Tuesday.

Both the City of Lynchburg and airport officials agree the airport is a large asset to the community.

The airport has what's called a master plan, a requirement from the FAA. They say they have reached goals, but also have more to achieve.

Airport Director Mark Courtney tells me City Council does get financial updates quarterly, so Tuesday was a time to review and update.

"It's a good time to show off the airport and what we've done, " said Courtney/

More than $1 million dollars went into expanding the airport's concrete apron.

Now, Liberty University has more room for its pilot training, and there's more parking for heavier aircraft.

"It's an opportunity for city council to come in and learn about the latest and greatest that's happening at the airport," said Courtney.

In the spring, the airport plans to start construction on a $4.5 million project to improve the taxi- ways. Next year, the airport is planning a new air traffic control tower.

"We want to encourage business development in the airport," said Councilman Turner Perrow.

City Council subsidized $300,000 last year to the airport's nearly $3 million operating budget, so the airport says it's important they know where that money goes.

"Not only do we have a lot for them to understand the terms in how we utilize our funds here, but also how important the airport is as an economic development," said Courtney.

"I've been on City Council for six years and this is the first time I've had an official tour of the airport, so this is a good thing for us to do," said Perrow.

Courtney says that this year, the city will contribute under $200,000 to the operational budget of the airport. They hope to be self-sufficient in 2015.