City Council Gives Go Ahead to Re-Zone Breezewood Drive

Lynchburg, VA - It's a done deal: 48 new apartments will be built off Breezewood Drive in Lynchburg.

This was an issue that needed the approval of city council, and at Tuesday's meeting, that's exactly what happened.

It did not go off without a hitch though. The initial proposal Tuesday, was actually going to be rejected. It originally called for 50 new apartments to be built, but according to city zoning laws, only 12 units can be built on one acre, and given the four acre plot of this proposed site, 48 would be the limit.

The potential developer then changed his proposal to reflect city zoning restrictions, and received support and approval from five out of six council members.

One man during public comment, issued opposition to the apartments, saying it would prohibit a potential large land development off of Graves Mill Road. But council members said they're not willing to say no to potential tax revenue, jobs, and income from these apartments for something that may never come.

Councilmember Joan Foster, the lone opposition vote, sited increased traffic along Breezewood Drive as her concern. But the potential developer, who also lives on the street, says the road is more than capable of handling an increase.

"We have tractor trailers coming in there with furniture. Big dump trucks doing additional building and many different things, and I've never even seen those have to stop. The road is 18 feet wide," said Uel Hartless, who is looking to build the apartments.

Hartless hopes to begin building sometime this spring.