City Council Approves New Towing Contract

Lynchburg, VA - In a big vote by city council Tuesday, Bee Line Towing Company from Campbell County will be the new towing company for the city of Lynchburg.

For 40 years, Glenn Trent Tire and Wrecker has been contracted to do city towing. But when the contract expired two years ago, the city began working with Bee Line. And when proposals came in for a new contract this year, the city says Bee Line was the better fit.

The owner of Bee Line says they already do a lot of work in the city. They're excited to now be used exclusively.

"We probably are the majority of the towing in Lynchburg, and like I said, we're the new kids on the block. I'm excited about it; I work there every day as well as my wife. We have a good group of guys with very little turnover," said Bee Line owner, Kevin Jones.

Bee Line was awarded a five-year contract.