Churches Participate in 'Pulpit Freedom Sunday'

Lynchburg, VA - There's less than a month left until election day, and religious leaders across the country are taking a very public stand.

On Sunday, hundreds of pastors preached politics directly from the pulpit. It's called 'Pulpit Freedom Sunday' and a Rustburg church, Hyland Heights Baptist, has jumped on board.

The pastor there is one of about 1,500 across the country taking a political stand.

A group called Alliance Defending Freedom has sponsored the movement for the past five years. The goal is to challenge a law dating back to the mid 1950s, called the Johnson Amendment.

It prohibits tax-exempt groups like churches, from publicly endorsing or even working for political candidates. So on Sunday, hundreds of preachers across the country challenged that law, preaching on all the hot political topics.

Some church-goers at Hyland Heights says things like a presidential candidate's view on abortion is a big priority.

"We believe that life begins at conception and if life begins at conception we're not going to for someone who says 'hey we can end that life,' be it the President, be it Mitt Romney, if he held that view, I wouldn't vote for him," said church member Chris Bryant.

Some of the sermons across the country were recorded and they'll be sent to the IRS as a further challenge to the law.