Church to Donate Brand New Toys For Christmas

Danville, VA-- A church in Danville is already looking ahead to Christmas. Abundant Life World Outreach Church has a goal to give away 1000 brand new toys through their Christmas Outreach program.

This is the 22nd year they've been making Christmas possible for struggling families. This year the church has been collecting toys and donations since the beginning of October.

"Our phones start ringing every year probably in September, you know, hey can I get on the Christmas Outreach list," Pastor Bill Motley said.

Pastor Bill Motley says giving away brand new toys to families in need, is something near and dear to his church's heart.

"We've gone in some of the worst sections in Danville," said Motley. "We've been in sections in Christmas time where there wasn't even a Christmas tree you know, five kids in the house but there's not going to be a Christmas. So what we want to happen is as long as Abundant Life is in this city, we want every child in this area to have a toy."

Ten years ago this outreach came at a crucial time for a single mother. Angela Saunders could not afford to buy gifts for her children.

"I was told about the Christmas Outreach from my grandmother," Saunders said. "I was a single mom with two children living in the projects and she said that she figured that the Christmas Outreach would help me with my children."

She said her childrens' reactions to the gifts on Christmas morning, is something she'll never forget.

"You see the smiles on the children's faces, more important than the toys itself," Saunders said.

Pastor Motley says with a struggling economy, there is definitely a need for the outreach in Danville.

"Let's be real, the economy has some struggles, there's been some issues and some people are unemployed, out of work," Motley said. "A child shouldn't suffer for that and we believe that God is using us to be a blessing to the children," Motley said.

Pastor Bill Motley says Abundant Life wants to give at least two or three toys to each child.

If you want to donate new toys, or would like to be on the Christmas Outreach list, you can call Abundant Life World Outreach Church at (434) 799 8213.