Church Celebrates 200th Anniversary

Turbeville, VA - First Cross Roads Baptist Church in Turbeville celebrated 200 years of history Sunday. The pews were filled to capacity as people traveled from around the country to celebrate the church they grew up in. The church formed in 1814, just 38 years after the United States was founded. The church first started as Cross Roads Meeting House in a one room brick school. "There were two roads that crossed in the vicinity of the building, thus the name Cross Roads," explained member Harvey Payne. In 1845, a couple deeded one acre of land to church members for $1.00. The congregation then built the physical church. "The only part of the year church that was really here was the very front part of the church," said Vicky Collie, who's been a church member for 47 years. After many renovations, one church separation after the Emancipation Proclamation, and two name changes, First Cross Roads Baptist Church says what that keeps the church alive are their committed members. Pastor Greg McCormick grew up in the church. "I stand in awe and amazement as I read of the mighty works of our forefathers how because of their great faith and great works, paved the way through all types of hardships and trials of their day to give to us of today a heritage rich in love and hope," McCormick said. The festivities actually began Saturday with a big reunion with former pastors of the church, and members of Cross Roads Church, the church that separated from them in 1865.