Christmas Tree Disposal in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - It was so pretty in your house, but what do you do with your tree, now that Christmas has come and gone?

If you live in the City of Lynchburg and your regular trash day is Monday or Tuesday, crews will pick up your tree Saturday, January 5.

If your trash is collected on Wednesday or Thursday, your tree date is the following Saturday, January 12.

They ask that you remove all decorations before sitting your tree out at the curb.

"If it's used as cover at the landfill or as mulch for other folks to use, we don't want the glass and the metal to be included. We want it as organic as we can possibly keep it," said Russ Blankenstein, collection supervisor.

You can also drop off your tree at city recycling centers or Peaksview, Miller and Riverside Parks from now until January 12.

After that, you'll need a .95 tag on your tree if you leave it out with your trash.