Christmas Trash Piles Up

Beasley Disposal Inc. in Lynchburg stays busy the day after Christmas.

Lynchburg, VA - The gifts have been torn open, the food eaten, the house hopefully cleaned up. Now, the hard work for the trash crews is picking up all that wrapping-paper, boxes, food scraps, and more.

One collector says it's the busiest day of the year - and the winter weather didn't make it any easier. But, the hardworking crews at Beasley Disposal Inc. weren't letting the trash pile up.

A sign Christmas is over: different size trash sculptures piled high in yard after yard in Lynchburg. All that trash is going to keep trash collectors like Brad Beasley on their feet.

"Busy, one of the busiest. We get ready for this day in the trash business," said Beasley.

Crew members at Beasley Disposal Inc. in Lynchburg punched in to work 9 p.m. Christmas night trying to beat Wednesday's nasty weather and stay ahead of the trash piling up. BDI does trash pick-up in Lynchburg, Danville, Roanoke and most everywhere in between. Still, even with the head-start, the expectation is by week's end, people will fill up the dumpsters.

"You have everybody's regular trash, plus all the Christmas trash on top of that," said Beasley.

B.J. Leebrick's been in the waste and recycling business more than two decades now, and has a system for managing the after-Christmas pile-up.

"You aren't going to see our containers running over," said Leebrick, co-owner, BDI.

It's simple team-work: putting two trucks on one job keeps dumpsters empty, crews moving and bosses cheerful.

"So, you aren't too stressed out today? we asked. "I'm not stressed at all," said Leebrick. "Still in the Christmas mood," we asked. "Yes," Leebrick said.

And for the collectors, keeping the trash from overflowing puts everyone in a better mood.

"Just trying to make sure all the customers get served. It's not about making our lives easier, it's making the customer happy," said Beasley.

Owners at Beasley Disposal Inc. say their staff is really great, willing to come in on Christmas night, even in the wee hours the next morning just to stay on top of all that trash.