Christmas Lights Stolen from Caswell County Home

Reporter: Heather Rosenbaum l Videographer: RJ Burnette

Caswell Co., NC - Not many people start thinking about Christmas five months early, but a North Carolina family has already begun decorating for their annual light festival.

On Friday though, several bags full of Christmas lights went missing, leaving the Paschals short about 500 strands of lights.

The Paschals consider themselves elves, working nearly year-round to produce this winter wonderland. But this Christmas, the shrubbery may be stark and the branches bare without the $7,500 worth of lights that were stolen from the Paschal's front yard.

"They have those Christmas lights every year and they are beautiful to watch and to have. So for someone to come in and take those lights like that I think that is just ridiculous. Really ridiculous" said Yimeka Shore, Neighbor.

Friday morning Ann Paschal woke to find six bags full of blue LED lights and clear star lights missing, leaving behind only sadness for those who enjoy the lights each year.

"They really stole them from them too, because that's what we bought the lights with was the donations that they left here" said Ann Paschal, Light Owner.

Even without the stolen lights, the Paschals say this Christmas will be just as bright as years past.

"Well we are hoping maybe that someone may step forward and give me a donation. The insurance might take care of it. I don't know." said Paschal.

"I'll be alright. Christmas is going to be Christmas here, regardless." said Leon Paschal, Light Owner.

The light festival is set to open in November, even if they cannot raise the funds to replace the stolen lights. They will continue through the New Year.