Christian School Defends itself : "It Wasn't Just About Hair Length or Boots"

Timberlake, VA - In a statement from Timberlake Christian School, the school says they are disheartened that Sunnie Kahle has become the subject of all this public attention.

However, her great-grandmother says she is pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of support Sunnie has received since the story aired.

A number of open letters have been shared over social media addressed to Sunnie Kahle. "The prayers, the letters it's just overwhelming. It's gone worldwide now," said Doris Thompson, Sunnie Kahle's great-grandmother.

She's the eight year old Forest girl whose great-grandparents decided to take her out of Timberlake Christian School after what they say was a dispute over the way she dressed.

"it's just that the teachers, im telling you the teachers would not accept her," said Thompson.

Since the story aired, Sunnie's great-grandparents have received tons of phone calls from people all over the country expressing their support.

"I want her to be whatever she wants to be and have a Christian education. That's what I want for my child."

However, Timberlake Christian says there is much more to the story than has been shared. Mat Staver with Liberty Counsel is now representing the school. He says this has never been a about hair length or combat boots.

"Timberlake Baptist Church and Christian school gratefully regrets the misinformation that has been given to the media regarding a situation that they have been working with the family for a few years now" said Staver.

The school says gender distinction is a part of their Christian values, and it wasn't just the way she dressed that violated their policies.

For confidentiality reasons, the school would not go into details but they did say restroom use became a problem.

"This is an 8 year old girl we are talking about, and I just feel uncomfortable putting her personal information out there for public scrutiny" said Staver.

Her great-grandma did speak of instances where girls thought Sunnie was a boy in the bathroom.

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