Chris Cook Speaks About Gun Charge

Reporter: Lauren Compton l Photographer: Todd Densmore

Lynchburg, VA - Minnesota Vikings player and Lynchburg native Chris Cook is speaking out about an argument that led to him being arrested this weekend.

Cook was charged with brandishing a firearm on Saturday, a charge he says comes from someone he's known since grade school.

Cook stays at the home on Halifax Avenue where the incident happened with family during the offseason, usually without incident. But, on Saturday an argument erupted between him and someone he knew. It did get heated. But, Cook says it never turned physical: there were no guns.

Minnesota Vikings player and former UVA standout Chris Cook wants to be known for what he does on the field, not for a charge like this. According to an arrest warrant, Omar Goode claims Cook pulled a gun on him. Cook says the charges simply aren't true.

"It's a misunderstanding basically really," said Cook.

Cook noticed police nearby on Saturday and went to check it out. When he got home, he says Goode approached him making accusations.

He started screaming at me saying that I called the police on his brother," said Cook.

Cook says he tried to explain he didn't call the police. He tried to walk away but the argument turned threatening.

"They just kept talking, talking about kill you this I got guns, I got guns that," said Cook.

Cook says he is licensed to have a gun, but he didn't have it on him. But he did mention it.

"I never said anything about a weapon until they said something about a weapon then I came in my house," said Cook.

Cook was later arrested, but there was no police investigation. Captain Ryan Zuidema of the Lynchburg Police Department says in Virginia with certain misdemeanors, once a person files a complaint the power lies with the magistrate.

"If the magistrate believes a crime, there was probable cause that a crime was committed the magistrate has the decision to make on whether they issue a warrant or not," said Captain Zuidema.

Cook says believes the real reason this is happening because he's in the public eye. Now he is waiting for his court date to clear his name.

"I want to get this behind me. I know I didn't do anything I never pointed a gun at nobody," said Cook.

Both sides will have a chance to do next week at Cook's court hearing on March 21st. Because of the lockout it's possible Cook won't be punished by the NFL.