NFL Player Chris Cook Found Not Guilty on Gun Charge

Reporter: Lauren Compton l Videographer: Daniel Heffner

Lynchburg, VA - NFL player and Lynchburg native Chris Cook has had a gun charge hanging over him since March. On Friday, a judge found him not guilty of brandishing a firearm against his once childhood friend.

Cook was arrested and charged for brandishing a firearm at Omar Goode after a heated argument. The judge said it was significant that Cook tried to diffuse the situation on several occasions. And, the judge says while he believes threats were made no guns came into play. It's a verdict that's not sitting well with everyone.

"There's no justice in Lynchburg. It's like everybody can get firearms, and get away with pointing them at anybody," said Goode.

Goode says he feels Minnesota Vikings player Chris Cook was cleared, because he's a celebrity.

"He shouldn't have pulled the gun out. He was let off, because I guess someone likes him in there," said Goode.

In court Cook testified his gun a .40 caliber was in his car on March 12th, and after heated arguments with Goode he took the gun in his house on Halifax Avenue.

In court the judge said he believed that Cook stated, "I have heat," after multiple threats from Goode. But, the judge found no evidence to show Cook pulled out a gun.

For Cook the verdict is a step toward moving on.

"I'm happy for this to be over with so I can star getting ready for this next season," said Cook.

Goode says the verdict will be hardest to explain to his children. Goode testified Cook pointed the gun at them as well.

"How do you think they feel about a man pulling a gun at them? And Daddy didn't do anything about it," said Goode.

"He pointed the gun down the street towards my brother so how is he lying if I saw it," said Jasmine Brown, Goode's sister.

With this case behind him Cook says he's ready to focus back on the football field.

"Hopefully we make the playoffs, and I'm looking forward to working with Coach Frazier for a whole season," said Cook.

Cook says he does not believe this case will get in the way of his position on the Vikings. And, he won't let this keep from visiting his mother here during the off-season.