CHIPs Actor Promotes Education On Internet Crimes In Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - A treat for Erik Estrada fans: the actor made an appearance in Lynchburg promoting education against internet crimes.

Dozens of fans showed up at the Lynchburg South Moose Lodge Tuesday night for the premier of his new documentary Moose Proud about the good deeds of members of America's oldest organization.

ABC 13 caught up with Estrada about his other venture local organization Safe Surfin' Foundation.

"It's not enough to just capture these guys and cage them, where they belong, the bad guys, we've got to educate the children, so the Moose Organization have helped us develop the software, make the software to hand out to the schools to teach them age appropriate K-12 program," said Estrada.

A portion of the money from the premiere went the Bedford County organization working to keep children from falling victim to internet predators.