Child Found Dead In Hot Van Identified

Roanoke, VA - Funeral services have been set for the child police believe died after being left in a hot van on Sunday.

The family has publicly published the obituary of their young daughter we can now identify the victim of this apparent accident as 2-year old River Lyn Nicole Jackson.

River was found unresponsive in the vehicle which was parked in the driveway of her Kenwood Avenue home on that hot afternoon.

So far no one has been charged.

The Commonwealth's Attorney is still waiting for a final death determination before deciding a next move.

This isn't the family's first tragedy.

The obituary - published in Thursday's Roanoke Times - shows River was preceded in death by her grandfather and a sister.

Turns out River's mother lost her father, unexpectedly at just 51 years old, just three months ago.

Making this story even more tragic; this same mother also lost a two month old daughter back in 2001.

Online chat registered to a FaceBook account belonging to the victim's mother, shows her remembering her daughter publicly... usually on her birth date, writing that her first child - who by her account was healthy - died of SIDS.

According to the obituary the family is keeping the services private and asking family and friends interested in paying respects to contact them personally.