Chick-Fil-A Awards $5,000 to Altavista HS Cross Country Team

Lynchburg, VA - Tuesday was a big day for the Altavista High School Cross Country team.

They accepted a $5,000 check to go towards a new trail for their team. All of this made possible by the Chick-Fil-A on Candlers Mountain Road in Lynchburg.

The restaurant had a team of runners compete in the live healthy Lynchburg 100 mile challenge.

Their team won the competition by averaging the most miles over three months; 586 miles per person.

The Chick-Fil-A winners chose to share their prize with another group of runner; The Atlavista High School Cross Country team.

"I thought that's just absolutely fantastic, we can really put that to great use, it's super exciting. I've always loved nature and to be able to build our own trail in the back of the school is just going to be wonderful" said the Altavista Cross Country Head Coach, Darryl Smith.

The trail is going to be a mile and a half long. The team is hoping to have it built by this summer.