Chatham Hall Employee Honored for 63 Years of Service

Chatham, VA - A man who has been working at Chatham Hall for more than six decades was honored Friday at the school.

Curtis Jackson has been a staple at the all-girls preparatory school for 63 years, and he's finally planning to retire in July.

He was responsible for all kinds of jobs during his time - from gardening to delivering mail, and a garden on campus is named after him.
Today, Jackson and his family were joined by students and staff, as well as special guests like Delegate Don Merricks.
Jackson says he felt honored by the much-deserved ceremony.
"I ought to be something, as much as I've done over here! Get up at 5, 4:30....but I love it. If not, I wouldn't have stayed that long, would I?" he said.
Jackson's daughter says the school was like a home away from home for him. The faculty says he will be missed.