Chatham Fire Chief Receives National Award for Service

Chatham, VA - Landon Worsham has had the wool pulled over his eyes not once, but twice by his friends and colleagues.

"I catch a lot of the secrets going on, but they really fooled me on this one, " Worsham said.
Officials in Chatham worked behind the scenes to surprise their fire chief with a list of honors and resolutions last month, but that was only a preview of what was to come.
Friday, Worsham was given the Daily Points of Light award.
Established by George H. W. Bush, the award is designed to honor people all over the country who dedicate themselves to service like Worsham has.
"He leads by example. His dedication, it rubs off on you, " said Chatham Treasurer and Town Clerk Tim Hammell.
Worsham is no stranger to sacrifice over the last 60 years. His TV and appliance business downtown has often had to take a back seat.
"A lot of times, if I'm by myself at the store, I'll close the doors and go on the call, " Worsham said.
As he continues to lead, he says he just doesn't know where all the time has gone.
"I do not feel any ways like I'm 89-years-old."
Now, he says receiving the awards has only made him more committed to setting an example of service.
"Makes me think I have a whole lot more to do after receiving these recognitions and all. I want to continue to do it, " Worsham said.