Chase Williams Gets Chance to Shine in VT Defense

Blacksburg - Bud Foster says the Hokies have an untested defense in a lot of places, especially up front, with a lot of work to do in the preseason.

One guy Tech will be counting on for a big season is redshirt senior linebacker number 36 Chase Williams out of Leesburg. Williams has played behind some standouts through the years like Jack Tyler, now it's his time to shine.

Bud Foster, HOKIES DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR, said "He's hungry, he's been hungry. We've probably had him out of position a little bit because he's been playing backer, really kind of played both spots which is a credit to him and his football IQ. But at the same time I think he's in a better position where he is at the mike linebacker spot."

Chase Williams, HOKIES R-SENIOR LINEBACKER, said "I've learned a lot, it gave me a long time to learn the scheme and know it inside out and be able to know what every single person on the defense is doing and what they're supposed to be doing."

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