Charlotte Co. Joins Litter Clean-Up

Charlotte Co., VA - What started as one man's mission turned into a community-wide cleanup. Dexter Andrews started to pick up litter near his Charlotte County home around this time last year. And this year hundreds, like John Haskins, have joined in his efforts.

John Haskins lives in Charlotte County.

"I came down the highway and saw it and I said,' I've got get out here and get this up,'" said Haskins.

It takes a certain someone to pickup another person's trash.

"Even this bag. I got that off the highway," said Haskins.

But 64-year-old John Haskins does it all the time.

"I always save the cans for my uncle," said Haskins.

He's one of many in the community who find litter bugs frustrating.

"It's always annoyed me," said Andrews.

Some might say Andrews hates it the most. Like Haskins, he started picking up the litter on his own in 2012.

"The more I picked up, the madder I got about the situation others started helping," said Andrews.

Just recently, several churches and individuals have formed their own clean-up crews. A few weeks ago, hundreds of volunteers grabbed a bag and hit the highways. In the month of March alone members of the county filled 500 bags full of litter.

To make sure that folks are cleaning up safely, residents can pick up a safety vest and blaze orange trash bag at the county's administration building.

"I don't think there's any better way to keep people from throwing it down than to see one of their friends picking it up," said Andrews.

But despite how many good Samaritans there are, the litter seems never-ending.

"Sometimes I'll come out here the next day, someone has thrown more back out again," said Haskins.

They're also handing out placemats, which include 12 steps on how to solve the litter problem.