Charlotte Co. Homes See Bees Move In

Charlotte Co., VA -{} Some homeowners in our area have been sharing their home with a colony of bees.

A bee keeper in Charlotte County says he's{}had several calls to remove bees from homes. There have been three complaints so far this year in both Appomattox and Charlotte Counties.

The bees are nesting inside the walls of homes. Over the years bees have been slowly losing their natural habitat because of deforestation.

"They are looking for any place they can find to have a nest," said Tommy Nelson, a beekeeper at Aspen Bees. They're scared of them. Sometimes they may have children in the home that has allergies."

The longer the bees stick around, the more problems they can create.

"You're going to get other critters that come with it - roaches, ants,"{}said Nelson. "Some will try to get into hives and lay their eggs and larvae and it all becomes a tangled mess."

If you happen to run across a swarm on your own, Nelson has these tips: don't wear perfume because bees are sensitive to smells, avoid bananas, and finally: stay calm.

"If you come across their path the result may be a sting," said Nelson.

Nelson isn't allergic, but he is prepared. He keeps several epi pens and Benadryl on-site.

"You never know. You can't take the risk," said Nelson.

If you notice bees swarming near your home, you can call Nelson{}at 434-547-4225 to have them removed. He takes all the bees he removes to his bee farm in Charlotte County.