Charlie Daniels and Phil Vassar Hold Concert for Lynchburg's Miller Home

Lynchburg, VA - Phil Vassar and the legendary Charlie Daniels brought down the house for the Miller Home Thursday at Phase Two in Lynchburg.

The duo put on a tremendous show, with all proceeds going to a great cause.

For just having undergone surgery to install a pacemaker, there was no slowing down Charlie Daniels, for a cause closest to the heart of Phil Vassar.

"I get to play with Charlie Daniels; I mean is that the best or what? I mean, it doesn't get better than that" said Vassar before the show.

In its sixth year, this Hill City tradition was kicked way up, with the addition of a country music legend.

"When I saw him with the young ladies from the Miller Home, I really understood the depths of how he feels about it. So I'm sure it means a great deal to him. It means a great deal to me to be here with him. He's a great guy" said Charlie Daniels.

Lynchburg native Phil Vassar grew up volunteering at the Miller Home.

"In my youth group, we used to go every Christmas and sing for the girls at the Miller Home and that's how I knew about it" he said.

And since, Vassar has held countless fundraisers and benefit concerts, and donated thousands to the charity.

"It's a pretty amazing thing. It's a great place" he said.

And Vassar says it wasn't hard to convince this icon of modern music to take the stage with him.

But only two weeks prior, there was worry it might not happen.

Daniels had a pacemaker installed to treat an irregular heartbeat. He was determined though, not to let that keep him from the Hill City.

"I had my ipad in the hospital with me and I pulled it out and I put my finger on the 11th, and I said if we do this, can I go back to work then on this day, and he said yes, and I said ok witness now, I'm going to Lynchburg on the 11th" he said.

More than 1,300 people attended the concert.

Daniels said before Thursday, he had never been to Lynchburg, but he says after Thursday, he's sure he'll be back.

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