Update: Abuse Charge Certified Against Appomattox Co. Bus Driver

Nancy Davis

Appomattox Co., VA - A grand jury will now hear the abuse and neglect charge against an Appomattox County school bus driver. The mother of the alleged bullying victim calls it justice for her son.

Family members of the 10-year-old boy say he underwent torture at the hands of two bullies in May. Both 15-year-olds have already pleaded guilty.

Now, prosecutors have set their sights on the bus driver, who they claim did nothing to stop the abuse.

Turns out, much of the evidence in this case comes from the bus surveillance video.

Monday in court, the judge called it an hour and fifteen minutes of disgusting behavior. Through much of it, you can hear the boy crying and pleading for them to stop.

The boy's mother, Roxanne Haskins, admits she is an emotional wreck.

"I have not stopped crying since this has happened and today it was tears of joy because she is going to have to answer for what she did," said Haskins.

Her 10-year-old son claims he was assaulted, called racial slurs and even forced to lick another boy's nipple during a bus ride home on May 5th. His mother says the bus driver, Nancy Davis, never reported the abuse.

"All she had to do was tell the truth and notify the proper people that all this was going on and she did not do that," said Haskins.

And now Haskins says her son is seriously traumatized.

"He has counseling every day, nightmares and loss of appetite. He's not doing good, it's going to be a long road ahead for Cequan," said Haskins.

From here, she says her attorney is considering filing a civil suit, just another step in her quest for justice.

"We'll explore our options and we'll go from there," said Anthony Tacconi.

"I just want justice for Cequan. He was the one who had to endure this, my son suffered. And that's all I want from this, is just justice for him," said Haskins.

Nancy Davis has already lost her job over these charges. If convicted, she'll likely also lose her freedom.

The case against her will now be heard by next month's grand jury.