Charges Dismissed Against Former LU Football Player

Lynchburg, VA - Charges were dismissed in a Lynchburg courtroom on Monday against former Liberty University football player Asa Chapman.

The Flames' standout lineman was facing multiple drug charges. However, the judge ruled dismissed them after hearing Chapman has passed several drug tests since April of 2012.

Chapman wouldn't go on camera but he told ABC 13 News he's glad this is finally behind him.

In 2011, Chapman was charged with possession of cocaine, he pleaded guilty in January of 2012 to three charges, including felony possession of cocaine.

While on probation, Chapman failed a drug test, and was found to have tampered with another.

The judge at that point said he had one last chance to clean up, and according to his lawyer that's exactly what he did.

Chapman has also completed months of required drug counseling and community service.

The former LU lineman graduated in May and has been training with an arena football team based in Richmond.