Charges Certified Against Graves

Campbell Co., VA - A Campbell County judge certified two charges against Joshua Graves Tuesday afternoon: second-degree murder and using a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Friends and family members of the victim wore matching t-shirts in remembrance of Travis Duck Daniel.

The sheriff's office even beefed up its presence, in case things got out of hand

Things went smoothly, however, and friends consider this a peaceful protest for justice.

"He's just a great friend and all around person. I really miss him and want justice for him," Lindsey Silby said. "It feels like a hole in my heart that he's gone."

Silby met Daniel in a parking lot six years ago and considered him a life- long friend. She listened as the lead investigator told the judge 'Duck' Daniel was running away from Joshua Graves, a complete stranger, when he was shot once in the side of the ribcage.

Prosecutors claim Graves then went home to fall asleep when investigators knocked on his front door.

The lead investigator said shell casings at Graves' home matched the bullet lodged inside Daniel's chest.

The testimony along with an alleged confession was enough to make the arrest.

The defense attorney, though, says Graves was scared for his life. He claims Graves was trying to leave the party on Long Island Road when people surrounded his car, one grabbed him from behind and punched him while another person yelled that they had a gun.

The case led to threats on social media. Some students at William Campbell Combined School said they were worried they were in danger, and racial tensions began to divide the small town.

"White, black, Puerto Rican, Asian, you could be purple and he didn't care," Silby said.

Duck's friends say he would want to community to come together.

Several of the friends plan on being at the trial for Joshua Graves, which has not been set. They say they have more t-shirts they plan to wear.