Changes Coming to Lynchburg's Friday Cheers

Lynchburg, VA - The good times are nearly here again as Friday Cheers season fast approaches. Despite a change in scenery, organizers are gearing up for a jam-packed season. The move is keeping volunteers busy, though. For example, set-up at the new venue is a little tricky. Crews will be shutting down Main Street from 12th to Commerce starting at 5:30 p.m., allowing vendors and musicians to pack into the parking lot. "It's sort of a flurry of activity right at 5:30 so we're ready to go at 6," said Stephanie Keener with Lynch's Landing. It's a limited flurry, though. There will only be five Friday Cheers at the market this year because organizers say the area is just too populated to shut down more frequently. "We just want to be good neighbors to our folks here on Main Street. This is a really different place than it was the last we had Friday Cheers at the Community Market. We have about 200 residents and lots of businesses here on Main Street," Keener said. The number one issue organizers are facing is space. "There are a couple of favorite bands we just couldn't book into the space because we knew the crowd would just be far, far too large," Keener said. If you're thinking of heading the event Friday night, you should park in the Midtown parking deck, or along the street in any legal space you can find. There is a 6th Cheers, on a Thursday on July 3 at the base of Monument Terrace.