Centra's Eyeing More Land in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - Centra says it's had an eye on a Lynchburg property for some time, and they are closer now than ever.

The idea is a swap: Move the Lynchburg Health Department into StarTek at the Plaza. And have Centra move into the health department building on Thomson Drive.

Centra already bought StarTek for $2.1 million. Centra says it wants the current health department building because it's surgical and imaging practices are growing, but adds that they want the land, not the property. This project is part of Centra's Master Facilities plan.

"By acquiring this property, it's going to allow us to improve healthcare here in Lynchburg. And it's going to allow us to create better space for the health dept,"said Joe Archambeault, Centra VP, facilities and support services.

The next step is City Council approval. That's expected at this Tuesday's council meeting. Centra says the City Manager is supportive.