Central Virginians React to President's Speech

Over lunch, Ashley Dey watches the President's Inaugural Address with her family

Lynchburg, VA - Those who couldn't make it up to D.C. for the inauguration watched it on television from here at home. The festivities went on all day Monday, broadcast for hours on all the networks.

What did Central Virginians think of the speech? ABC 13 asked that question at the Old Forest Road Applebee's in Lynchburg at noon when the President gave the address. A lot of people stopped to listen to the speech. Overall, the reaction was supportive.

Coverage of the president's Inaugural Address was wall to wall at Applebee's for lunch.

For Ashley Dey and her family, this is the first time they watched it. President Obama's part on education stuck out to her. She has a six-year-old, and for her, teachers have been put through a great deal the last few years.

"They are getting laid off all over the place, and I think my child's education shouldn't suffer because of our economy," said Dey.

The President outlined several sweeping goals in the speech, including energy and a changing environment.

"We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations," said Obama.

At Kinetix Gym, people working out turned on the speech, including Terrence Sykes.

"I think the speech is probably the most important part for me," said Sykes.

That's because it outlines where the president's coming from and what he plans to do. Of course, getting the entire country on board is a monumental challenge. Several times, the President mentioned Americans coming together. As a pastor, Sykes says he prays all of us would "get with" the president.

"Decisions are upon us, and we cannot afford delay," said Obama.

"This is our president, whether you want him to be or not, he's our president and I think we have to give respect and honor to him as that," said Sykes.

We talked with several people in Applebee's, but several didn't want to talk about the President's speech on camera. It's their wish the election had gone for the other guy.