Central VA Rushes to Make Tax Day Deadline

Lynchburg, VA - Sure hope this is not the first time you're hearing this: Your taxes are due Monday. It's April 15th, and the rush to get the paperwork filed on time had post offices and tax preparers hustling all day Monday.

The post office on Odd Fellows Road was humming. Most people we asked said they were there putting their taxes in the mail, and some said they would rather be doing something else entirely.

Venus King is mailing in her dad's taxes just hours before the deadline.

"Do you feel stressed out," we asked.

"Yes," said King.

John Workman anticipated a mad dash to the post office. But, figured lunch time would be a little slower.

"I wouldn't come down here later today. That's the reason I'm down here now," said Workman. "Yeah, it's going to be a madhouse."

Adding to the time crunch, the Odd Fellows Road Post Office won't be staying open later like they used to. This one shuts the lights off at six Monday, one reason Dean Hertzler stopped by at lunchtime.

"They don't stay open until midnight like they used to," said Hertzler.

Different story for tax preparers. Staff at Liberty Tax Service will keep working until 10:30 Monday night. Clients keep streaming in, but Manager Leslie Neumann's has it under control.

"For us it's not a stressful day. It's a pretty fun day," said Neumann.

But, what if you're sitting home and forgot all about your taxes? You need a form 4868, which will extend your deadline to the 15th of October. But, if that's your plan, next year remember these words of wisdom:

"What would you tell those people who do wait until the last minute for next year?" we asked.

"Don't," said Neumann.

The deadline is midnight Monday. Of course, check your local post office, there's a chance they close much earlier. And, if need to extend your tax filing deadline, click here.