Central VA Braces for First Widespread Snow

Lynchburg, VA - Plow drivers and airport officials are all prepping for the first widespread winter event of the season. After last year's mild winter, people are scratching their heads over what this year will bring. But no matter what comes, the plows are ready.

Lynchburg has plenty of salt too. Public Works Director Dave Owen says last year, the city only burned up $5,000 worth of salt. Frankly, we didn't have a lot of snow. This year, $65,000 worth of salt is ready for the roads.

Snow removal sure isn't cheap: $220,000 is budgeted to keep the roads dry and safe this winter. And Lynchburg has two big barns full of it.

Friday morning, crews prepared 22 spreaders and 40 plows. Drivers are on standby braced to work long 12-hour shifts. Owen says the holiday weekend could turn in to a working weekend.

"It's difficult because you want them to enjoy that time off. But, again, they know this is part of the job," said Owen.

At Lynchburg Regional Friday, it was too early for concern. But the de-icing fluid is locked and loaded in case the wintry mix blankets our area.

"The airport workers here, they all have assignments for this evening, everything is already geared up, we checked all the equipment, everything's fueled. We're all set," said Deputy Director Rick Stein.

The folks at Public Works say if we get this mix, it's best to just hunker down in your home. Stay off the main roads like Langhorne and Wards. Crews will be hustling to keep those snow and ice free.