Centra Looking to Expand in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - Centra Health wants a new home for its Lynchburg Internal Medicine Center, and its number one choice is at the intersection of Irvington Springs Road and Boonsboro Road in Lynchburg.

The hospital's been searching for a new sight for a year now. They've outgrown the current facility on Thompson Drive near Lynchburg General.

The new facility has a $2 million price tag and sits on nine acres.

Some residents raised concern about light pollution or traffic with the new clinic...but Centra's putting their fears to rest.

"There's a lot we can do nowadays with specialized lighting that's inward, so we can provide adequate lighting coverage of the facility without causing light pollution, so we would certainly want to do that because there's a neighborhood right behind there," said Dr. Thomas Nygaard, vice president of Centra.

Right now, the land is zoned residential. If Centra can get a new zoning, the goal is to break ground this Spring and open the doors Spring 2014.