Centra Celebrates Purchase of Bedford Memorial Hospital

Bedford, VA - Centra officials had a celebration Tuesday to recognize their ownership of Bedford Memorial Hospital.

They held an event on the front lawn of the hospital. Employees and the general public were treated with free food, music, and entertainment.

The transition is now officially complete as Centra now fully owns the hospital. It purchased Carilion's half of the organization.

"Bringing in more services, more support for our hospital. We want this hospital to be a viable hospital for many years to come," said Patti Jurkus, CEO of Centra Bedford Memorial Hospital.

"Most of the people here are my friends, my neighbors, my family. And it's definitely a personal mission of mine to ensure that they have world class health and wellness services now and going forward," said E.W. Tibbs, President and CEO of Centra Health System.

Centra plans to spend $1.5 to 2 million dollars per year for the next three to five years to make upgrades to Bedford Memorial.