Celebrating National POW/MIA Recognition Day

Lynchburg, VA - Friday is National POW/MIA Recognition Day, and folks gathered in Lynchburg to honor prisoners of war and those still considered missing in action.

It's observed every year on the third Friday in September. They laid a black and white wreath at Monument Terrace during the weekly troop rally.

Patricia Goff was the guest of honor. She is the sister of Sergeant Charles Scott, who was recently laid to rest in Lynchburg, more than 60 years after he was killed fighting in Korea.

"I would love to see a family witness what we have, down the road, because there are still so many over there. So never, never, say never," said Goff.

Friday's observance was special, but the troop rally takes place every Friday at noon at Monument Terrace. Everyone is invited- military, veteran, or civilian.

And Saturday, there is a special event at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford.

Adrian Cronauer will speak at the memorial's "Never Forget" event, honoring Prisoners of War and those still Missing in Action.

Cronauer is the Air Force disc jockey portrayed by Robin Williams in the major motion picture, "Good Morning, Vietnam!"

He currently serves on the memorial's board.

The event starts at 11 a.m., and admission is free until noon.