Cavaliers Talk About Facing #17 TCU

Charlottesville - When Virginia plays at 17th-ranked TCU Saturday, Cavalier fullback Zachary Swanson will be back home in Texas.

The tall 6-8 fullback is from Katy, Texas, about 250 miles from TCU in Fort Worth. Swanson scored his first collegiate TD on a pass from Phillip Sims on the final play of Saturday's game at Georgia Tech.
Zachary Swanson, CAVS R-SOPH. FULLBACK, said "Their reputation is that they fight, I mean they've been underdogs with the BCS thing. And I admire them because they're a hard-working team."
E.J. Scott, CAVS R-SOPH. WIDEOUT, said "Their stadium, you know, is going to be packed. It's just a great opportunity to go play a big team at their house. And, you know, I'm excited to bounce back and be out there again."