Caterers Preparing for Race at Martinsville

Martinsville, VA -- Food caterers are working for hours each day to get all those meals ready for the race this weekend.

They actually prepare 500 to 600 pounds of food for this weekend. They will have everything from BBQ to salad sand it looks good.

There's chopping and hours of preparing. It sounds like the perfect recipe for a good meal. But this meal will feed 10,000 guests.

"Basically we build a city in a week and we tear a city down in a couple of days after that," said Melanie Eldridge, food, beverage, and merchandise manager.

It takes a crew of 30 people several days to make all the food for just the suites at the Speedway. They do most of the work within eyesight of the track.

"A lot of times when I tell people how much we are cooking they go no way," said Danny Street, executive chef for Americrown.

Street says it's all a balance of time management and food freshness. They start collecting orders weeks before in Richmond. Then when they get to Martinsville, the crew makes sauces, salads, and prepares the main course days before. But most of the cooking happens on race day.

"We fire the food for the different areas. Then it goes out to the different areas and to our guests," said Street.

And what would Martinsville be without their famous hot dog? It is actually the most popular item that they cater. They say they do about 5,000 hot dogs just for the suites alone. There are nearly 60,000 for the whole speedway.

"I guess people love their Martinsville hot dog," said Street.

With all this food, Street says their biggest challenge will be getting the right dish to the right place. But they say they're ready.

This catering company also is responsible for the corporate hospitality and media center meals. They say as soon as they are done with Martinsville, they are on to preparing for the next race.