Case Against Man Accused of Killing Father-in-Law in Rustburg Moves Forward

Rustburg, VA - A Campbell County judge General District certified a second-degree murder charge against a man accused of stabbing his father-in-law to death.

Investigators say Vincent Spinner was looking for money on August 3, 2012 when he drove to Rustburg and killed James Payne inside his own home.

At the preliminary hearing, the victim's son testified finding the 89-year-old's body near the kitchen and living room area with his motorized scooter turned over nearby.

Commonwealth's Attorney Paul McAndrews told the judge, an autopsy later revealed Payne had been stabbed about two dozen times.

Spinner showed little emotion while the prosecutor laid out the case against him, including a steak knife with blood on it and the victim's health insurance card discovered inside the suspect's car.

He had no explanation for why the card would be there, even allegedly telling an investigator "the house of cards is falling in."

A passerby placed Spinner, who's from Winchester, in Rustburg around the time of the killing.

Spinner remains in jail while his case heads to a grand jury for indictment.