Carter's Call for March 15, 2012

Let the Madness Begin!

March Madness is upon us. It's 2 a.m. on Thursday as I write, 10 hours away from one of the best days in sports. I know the tourney has already started with the play-in games, both of Tuesday night's games were incredible with huge rallies to win by Western Kentucky and the amazing 25-point comeback by BYU against Iona.

{}Thursday, though, is the first REAL day of the tournament, when you're trying to keep track of three or four games at one time and in my case, seeing my bracket taking major blows on opening day.

I usually like to take plenty of chances in the first round; I refuse to pick all the favorites (see above "bracket taking major blows.")

I like going out on a limb and seeing if my upset specials really happenthat's what makes it fun! While I will take chances, I do try to end up with a Final Four that features solid, consistent teams through the year.

My Final Four this year is Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio State. Of these four, I'm most worried about Missouri and Ohio State. I'm not convinced the Buckeyes are going to make it, and Missouri scares me too.

Lots of people like Kentucky to win it all, and the Tar Heels also have a big backing.

I've got Kentucky beating Missouri in one semifinal, North Carolina beating Ohio State in the other. Then in the championship game, I believe the Tar Heels will find a way to win, even though Kentucky might have better talent.

The championship game final score: UNC 77, Kentucky 74.

If these two teams somehow make it to the final and this is the final score,{}you'll have to pick me off the floor!

And show me the way to Vegas!

Dennis CarterABC 13 Sports Director