Carter's Call for May 18, 2011

I know in the dog days of summer when it's hot and dry and your lawn turns that ugly brown, we're all gonna be craving some rain.

But for last weekend and the first part of this week, enough already! For the love of sunshine, please stop raining and dry up a little bit so we can at least cut our grass! Can you say clogged lawnmower?

For high school athletic directors, the rain can also be a major pain, especially with district tournaments just ahead. Rescheduling games and trying to get them all in in a span of a few days can be a real circus act. Just cross your fingers for tournament time next week!

We've still got some great races still to be decided. Two that quickly come to mind are Seminole baseball and Seminole girls soccer.

In baseball, JF suffered its first district loss last week at Amherst County, Brookville has just one district loss to JF. They're slated to meet Wednesday night the 18th at JF, they should have a huge crowd for that one.

For girls soccer, JF and E.C. Glass are both undefeated and they've tied each other both times they've played this season. Talk about two evenly-matched teams, we'll see if they get a shot to play a third or, who knows, even a fourth time.

The NBA playoffs have been entertaining with the Lakers, Spurs and Celtics all taken out early. We're down to the Final Four, who do you like? Miami vs. Chicago and Dallas vs. Oklahoma City. I'm gonna stick with my pick before the playoffs began, I've got Miami and Dallas going to the Finals with LeBron and D-Wade winning it all. I have to admit, Chicago looked really good in blowing by the Heat in game one.

My friend Will had an interesting question about the playoffs. Would it be good for basketball if Miami did win it all this year? A lot of folks don't like the way LeBron, Dwyane and Chris Bosh agreed to come together this season on the same team and are trying to give each other a title. Probably a majority of fans are hoping they DON'T get a title this first year, make them work at least another year or so before they enjoy the spoils!

Finally, whether you like Kyle Busch or not, you've got to admit he and Kevin Harvick are spicing up NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series with their recent run-ins on the track. And while NASCAR has to dish out some kind of penalties to play policeman and make a statement, you know they're loving the extra publicity and media hits they're getting... thanks to their bad boys Busch and Harvick. As NASCAR officials themselves said not that long ago, "have at it boys!"

Dennis Carter

ABC 13 Sports Director