Cars Stuck Under Feet Of Plowed Snow

Lynchburg, VA - For many, the realization from so many folks cleaning up from Wednesday's snow storm, that their cars are buried under feet of snow. Plows in many parts of Lynchburg pushed snow off of roads, and on to cars parked on the side of streets.

Clearing your car of feet of snow; not the way many would envision spending Valentine's Day.

Car after car was covered in snow along Rivermont Avenue. For most, it was two maybe even three feet high.

Many of these folks thought they were doing the right thing; they live on steep side streets, in fear they wouldn't be able to get out following the snow, they parked on the street.

When plows came by however, they were worse off than when they started.

"I didn't think it would be this much. So yeah, it was surprising when I walked and turned the curb and saw my car stuck like this, and I was like oh wow" said Virgil Moore whose car was covered in snow.

"Today is Valentine's Day; it's also my wife's birthday. We had plans to go to Richmond to see her mom and it looks like we might make it still, hopefully in time for lunch if not in time for dinner" said Zach Woolard.