Carolina League Stays in Hill City

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg is the big winner when it comes to baseball: The Hillcats will stay put at least for now.

A proposed stadium in Wilmington, North Carolina could have moved the Carolina League franchise there if it was approved.

It's all part of a letter of intent agreement they signed with the Braves.

But the new stadium was voted down Tuesday night by Wilmington voters 70 % to 30, partly because it would have increased real estate tax.

General Manager Paul Sunwall says he's pleased the community and fans will now have a full season.

"We want your support and we need you to come out and attend our games to make it viable for us to stay in business. And now that they know we're going to be out here, we expect to see everyone out here a few more times" he said.

The Hillcats have a four year agreement with the Braves. Next year is the 3rd year of that agreement.