Car Hits Several Homes in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - It's a crash that shook the residents of Botetourt Street in Lynchburg.{}

Police say 31-year old Jekorie Jennings lost control of his SUV, slammed into a utility pole, drove through two porches, and crossed the street before hitting a third house. Homeowners like Antowina{}Moon describe the impact of the car as "... a loud boom, and that's it. Standing on the porch, I didn't even have time to call 911, because I was shocked!"

EMS crews took 31 year old Jekorie Jennings of Lynchburg to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Both police and homeowners say it's a bad accident that could have been a lot worse.

Police say the SUV nearly hit a nearby gas line and fire hydrant while crossing the street, before coming to a stop in the third house.

He now faces charges for DUI, and driving with a suspended license.

Antowina Moon's house was the second to be hit.

She says cars driving fast through the area is nothing new. She hopes police will step up their patrols through her area, saying "It's dangerous, and I say, you know, maybe they do need to patrol a little more over here in this area, right here, on this street, because it's a simple fact: Look what we've got going on now."Crews from Appalachian Power worked through the day to restore service to the neighborhood. Teresa Hall at AEP says 23 homes were out of power for several hours, but all homes are now being serviced. As utility crews finished their work, this neighborhood knows the devastation could have been so much greater. Moon's bedroom was near the porch that was hit. She's thankful that it wasn't any worse, saying "If he would have been any more closer, he would have been in the bed with us, or we would have probably been dead."