Car Hits Building Narrowly Missing Crowd

Franklin County, VA - A restaurant owner is feeling lucky after a car hits her building narrowly missing a crowd at a yard sale.For Ruth Neice trying to figure out how to repair the entrance to her restaurant, Ruth's Place, after a car took out her foyer, is nothing. Neither is dealing with the health department who is out making sure the damage won't cause issues there. It's all the "what ifs" that have her nerves shot. "It's the what could have happened. It could have really been worse than what it was if she had come back into the crowd," said Neice.A crowd that had filled this grassy area and parking lot looking for deals at Neice's Memorial Day yard sale. A woman who was parked in front of the restaurant was trying to back out when the car surged forward. "So she came back in and hit the building. Then she put it in reverse so her wheels were turned so she went right back the way she was backing out. As to where if her wheels had not been turned she would have went right back into the crowd. It was just a few feet from the crowd," said Neice.The driver, who wasn't hurt, ended up hitting a parked car before coming to a stop. Niece says the driver told her the accelerator on her Toyota got stuck. She is just grateful luck was on everyone's side. "It was luck. Thank God nobody got hurt."The Health Department did allow Ruth's Place to remain open until repairs can be made on Monday.The troopers investigating the accident were not available for comment.