Candy Crowley Graduated from Randolph Macon Woman's College

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Lynchburg, VA - The moderator for Tuesday night's presidential debate actually has ties to Lynchburg.

Candy Crowley graduated from Randolph Macon Woman's College back in 1970.

Crowley says the style of the town hall debate could keep both candidates from being overly aggressive. That's because audience members ask the questions that she pre-approved.

She says it's hard to be overheated when answering a question from a nice young woman, a nice old man, or whomever asks a question Tuesday night.

Crowley returned to Randolph College four years ago right after she moderated the presidential debate of 2008.

The college's president says he's already wished her luck for the debate and is excited to see how she handles the town hall forum.

"I think that she will really be challenged. She has to really kind of go with the flow as opposed to just asking a question and then just stepping back. She might not totally know what's going to hit her," John Klein said from his office.

He added that Crowley is extremely approachable and has good off-screen and on-screen personas.

She's the first woman in 20 years to be tapped to moderate a presidential debate during the general election.