Candlelight Vigil to Be Held in Danville Friday After Baby's Death

Danville,VA-- A Danville woman is holding a candlelight vigil for a 2-month-old baby who died in April.

The mother of Alphonza O'Brien Fuller III, Michelle Pruitt, has been charged with killing him.

Danville resident Tracy Inman isn't related to the baby's family, but when she found out that the child didn't have a funeral, and was cremated, she wanted him to be honored in some way.

The vigil will be in front of the Danville Courthouse Friday night at 7:30. Inman got in contact with Pruitt's aunt and she will be attending the event.

"They really had no closure, except you know, for tonight, and I'm hoping that you know, that it's enough for them," Inman said.

Organizers asked for attendees to bring candles, baby bottles and glow sticks.