Candle Vigil Outside Appomattox Courtroom for Speight Murder Victims

Appomattox Co., VA - The families of eight people killed by Christopher Speight are holding a candlelight vigil outside of the courthouse Friday evening.

Friday afternoon, Speight admitted to killing eight people in January 2010: Morgan Dobyns, 15, Ronald Scruggs II, 16, Emily Quarles, 15, Karen Quarles, 43, and Jonathan Quarles, 43, Dwayne Sipe, 38, Lauralee Sipe, 38 and Joshua Sipe, 4.

A judge sentenced Speight to five life terms in prison, plus 18 years.

Friday afternoon in the courtroom, some family members gave victim impact statements. One lost a mom, dad and 15-year-old sister on that fateful day. She looked straight at Speight and said, "You are a monster...I hope you rot in Hell."

Outside the courtroom, many family members, visibly shaken and holding one another, chose not to speak with the media; still, some did.

The family of victim Bo Scruggs was very upset with the court's decision. For them, the death penalty would have been justice. Of course, Speight did not get the death penalty. Some family felt life in prison was a just sentence.