Candidates Square Off in First Gubernatorial Debate

Hot Springs, VA - The first Gubernatorial Debate of the election season took place Saturday between Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe at the Homestead Resort in Hot Springs.

The debate proved to be pretty heated at times.

Many in the crowd said it was clear both of these men believe their plan is the right one.

The gloves came off early as both candidates questioned the other

Candidate's Leadership credentials

What started with a friendly handshake quickly turned to a very heated discussion.

"One day before you were scheduled for that tour in Martinsville you announce you are moving the plant to Mississippi. Why did you choose Mississippi over Martinsville and the people of Virginia," Cuccinelli said.

McAuliffe said that was strictly a business decision.

"First of all we would have loved to put the plant in Virginia, but businesses have to make businesses based on their own fiduciary responsibility. You have to look at all the different options and you make a decision," McAuliffe fired back.

Later the idea of a fiduciary responsibility came up again when McAuliffe accused Cuccinelli of forgetting about his duty as Attorney General.

"A fiduciary duty frankly that you forgot Ken as an Attorney General when you were taking all these gifts from Johnny Williams and Star Scientific. You had a fiduciary duty there sir...Not disclosing any of it, you were staying at his home in Richmond so if you want to talk about responsibility, he can't talk about business cause he doesn't have a record," McAuliffe said.

Cuccinelli shot right back at McAuliffe.

"Judy I got to respond to this," Cuccinelli said.

"You can. But that is his fiduciary responsibility and he didn't meet it," McAuliffe said in response.

"Didn't disclose any of it, we disclosed plenty of it. I made several mistakes on disclosure and who brought them forward. I did! No one was going to find them not only did I bring them forward but I turned them over to a local prosecutor and asked for an independent review. Does anyone in this room think Terry McAliffe would ever have done something like that? Of course not," Cuccinelli said.