Candidates Make Final Push Before Election Day

Lynchburg, VA - The polls officially open at 6 am on Election Day, but the candidates were still out and about as of 11 p.m. on Monday, canvassing the area and setting out campaign signs before the big day.

After months of campaigning, it's all come down to the final few hours before Election Day. The candidates in the races for the 22nd and 23rd districts in the House of Delegates were still hard at it Monday night, making this last stretch count, before you take to the polls.

At Delegate Kathy Byron's campaign headquarters; it was the final sprint, in a very long race, is underway.

"Most of it's just reminding our base to vote, making that last contact with the voters is very important" said Eric Harris, Byron's Campaign Manager.

Harris organized a symphony of volunteers Monday.

"This is the cumulative effort of months and months of work" said volunteer, Susan Oliver.

Oliver helped prep hundreds of precinct signs.

"I'd say about 500 signs we're putting up tonight. That will probably take about two hours" she said.

At challenger Katie Webb Cyphert's headquarters, it was a similar scene.

"I've knocked over 3,000 doors myself plus my volunteers have hit more, so it's been an incredible, incredible run" said Cyphert.

Cyphert's team called hundreds of homes, making sure every supporter knows where and when to vote.

"To see so many people connect with the message, so many people get excited to come out and help" said Cyphert.

"Organizing people, just making sure you've got volunteers to go to every polling place that there is" said Jonathan Parrish, the Libertarian candidate for the 23rd District House of Delegates seat.

Parrish made his final push at perhaps the most important place, "The final hours though are just making sure you have your name out at the polling places where they need to be" he said.

And at Delegate Scott Garrett's headquarter, the final Election Day plans came together.

"There are a lot of different components that lead up until the election itself. There are components during the election process, making sure that folks are in fact getting out to vote" said Garrett.

Because in the end, getting supporters out will make all the difference on Election Day for these candidates. The polls will be open at 6 a.m. Tuesday and they will stay open until 7 p.m.